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Sunday, August 15, 2010

J Stiffeners and Drilled Rear Fuse

Today it was about 100 degrees in Seattle and no A/C in the shop.  Wow, lost about 10 pounds in water weight..  But was able to make huge progress on the rear fuselage.   I finished with the J stiffeners and drilled them all along with the entire rear fuse.  Excited about how it turned out but was much more work than I thought.  

Also before I drilled, I made sure via many ways that there was no twist in the Fuse.   A few pics of plumb bobs showing how straight it is.  ;-) 

The rear tail cone skin was a bugger, but I went one cleco at a time and used drill bits and punches to pull the skin together along with a clamp to try and make the tail cone skin the right shape.  Once I got a cleco in, then the next, it went pretty well and I don't think I enlarged any holes to much.   Many builders here end up with some lopsided holes and then decide to go with the larger rivets.   I hope not to have to do that but we will see when it all comes back apart.

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