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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pitch Autopilot Servo Mount - Saved by Dynon

I thought it would be a good time ( with F-706 accessible in the aft fuse ) to build out the servo mount for the Autopilot.  So I ran over to Dynon at lunch and picked up the kit for their pitch servo.   Pretty simple kit, easy to install right  ?   Well it should be but I made a bonehead move due to my haste (and the heat this week in Seattle)..  If you lose focus for one second, it can have bad effects; sometimes devastating.   Luckily here, only the autopilot bracket was ruined..  Rather than F706 or worse yet, the bottom skin of the tail cone ! !   (Pics to come)

Anyway, for some reason I didn't have the clecos in all the way and as I clamped the bracket down, it pushed the bottom skin away from 706 when I drilled.   Needless to say, the holes didn't line up on the test fit.. and I put things away for the  night to cool down..

Silver Lining..   I emailed Dynon today and told them I couldn't be the only one to do a bonehead move like this...    They responded:

"Sorry Sir, but you are the only one to do this boneheaded move. :)  Come on in and I will get you another bracket or I can mail it to you."

So on my way back to Dynon tomorrow for the replacement and I should have a servo mount in by the weekend.

Thanks Dynon!   Now get back to work on that Arinc 429 module...   ;-)

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