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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tail cone final assembly

This is where it all comes together and it either fits or it doesn't.   I am worried about the tail spring fitting in assembly, but for now I just need to keep pushing forward.  Last night I started the first few rivets on the tail cone.  On other sites I have seen some trial and error and learning from them, I think that it is best to start by riveting 710 and 711 to the lower skin first, then fit into assembly.  When riveting these bulkheads to the lower skin, I think starting with the inner most rivets on 711 is the way to go, then you can fit the spring over those rivets and all other rivets are reachable with the spring in place.  Well, that is my theory, we will see how it goes.

Also, here you can see the shim I had to make to get the rear of the tail spring to fit with 711.  Quite the work of art when you look at it. 

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