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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

F-707, 708, 709 etc..

So I am getting a bit ahead of myself with the bulkheads as I am still waiting on a couple F705 parts.   But the F-706 is done and I fluted and clecoed F-707 and 08.   Since I had all the skins in my way laying on the shop floor, I decided to do a quick cleco together of the tail cone to get an idea of what I was up against.   This will all have to come apart to prime the bulkheads, but for now it looks good.  Sort of like the back end of a fuselage in my garage ! !   ;-)

This week I am going to go back and tackle some of the things that I need to catch up on.  Finish F-705, continue to work on the other bulkheads and get them primed.  It will be lots of odds and ends for the next week or so, before I get to start drilling and working on this big structure.

One thing I noticed about the rear bulkheads is you need to widen the slots for the longerons, also, drill out pitot static mounting holes on the top of F-708, and drill pitot static pass throughs on 07 and 08.  Also, don't forget the 5/8 inch holes for the rudder cables and additional for electrical.  Still lots of attention to the seemingly easy bulkheads.

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