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Sunday, August 1, 2010


While I am waiting for a few more F-705 parts its time to start F-706.  The bulkheads get simpler and use thinner material as you go further back into the Fuse..  That is until you get to the tail wheel section..

Here are all the parts (I think) for F-706 that I have rounded up.  Some of this metal is pretty thin.. Will take some work to get it to lay flat and look good.

Couple days later, I went ahead and moved forward without the camera.  Basically I fabricated and match drilled and primed all the parts.   There are some angles that needed to be created, and of course you need to make the 5/8 inch unibit holes fro the electrical and the rudder cables a a few areas that get dimpled for flush rivets..   So far I am happy with how this turned out.   Next steps involve riveting, but note that there is a specific order, and you don't set all the rivets now, some go in at a later date.

NOTE:  If you are building and at this point, consider if you are going to have an autopilot before you rivet the angle to the lengthwise rib at the base of F-706.  There are some rivet holes you can leave open at this point for the servo mount that will help you avoid drilling them out later.  ;-)

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