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Thursday, August 5, 2010

F-710 and F-711

Moving right along with the bulkheads. I pushed through a majority of the work on 710 and 711..  These bulkheads are basically two pieces each riveted together back to back.  Together each one becomes pretty strong which is important in this area since they support the tailwheel assembly, empennage, and the rear of the plane.  I still have to cut out the web on 710 but other than that and the general prep and priming I am about done.  Stuck them into the cone for looks and am excited how it turned out.

I also got the parts I was waiting for to complete 705 so I should be able to get that done over this weekend.  Also, I noticed on 706 that since I am going to be adding an autopilot, I should have left a few rivets open on the lengthwise rib which I will now have to drill out.  The servo mount assembly leveraged existing holes from where the angle is now riveted on..  Oh well,  I will wait until just before I rivet the bulkhead into the assembly.

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