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Sunday, July 4, 2010

F-704 Center Bulkhead

Happy 4th Of July ! ! !

With the firewall mostly behind me, I have moved back to the center bulkhead.  Lots of little details so far on the fuse that all must get taken care of.  Its slower going than you think when you first look at it.   Working on the control column mounts, the bushings needed to be reamed just like the aileron bellcranks.  And the inside of the mounts needed to be sanded because the fit just wasn't quite as good as the aileron bellcranks.  I got those pieces working smooth together, then needed to polish the edges of the stick mounts so they would fit inside the control bracket.   Also, once the coloumn mounting angles were drilled, I removed them to remove excess material that Van's recommends to reduce weight. (that is the cut out section on the Grey angle pieces.

I also worked the black bushings a bit grinding off the sides as vans directions so they would fit cleanly in the hole that buts up against the side gussets.


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