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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

F-705 Upper Seat back supports

I ran into my first snag on the F-705 bulkhead.  The plans call for a 4 degree bend in an aluminum plate that sits on the top of the bulkhead.  This is used to support the seatback for both passenger and pilot.  Under-estimating this task I tried to rig up a make shift bending brake and had no success, the bend was OK I guess, but missed the centerline all together as you can see on the right.   Learnings here is that you need the right tool for the job...   Since there are two pieces and I only ruined one, I went to a friends place where he had a cheap, but effective bending brake.  It worked great, and as you can see the results were worth it in the below pictures.   Now I need to order an extra part from Van's to replace the one I messed up so I can have both complete.  

This work will effectively finish the F-705 bulkhead apart from priming and final riveting.   I will be doing that next week.  There is some trick to the riveting though as many holes get left open for future riveting in assembly. 

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