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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


F-705 is the bulkhead that sits directly behind the seats in the RV.  This bulkhead caries the flap mechanism, is where the rear wing spar attaches to the fuse, as well as provides for the seatbelt anchors.  Lots of cool things that go together with this part.   I was able to begin some work, but will also continue to research the internet to make sure no mistakes on this one.

Here you see I made the spacers that fit between the rear spar attach plates at the bottom of the spar.  Note metal grain direction is important here, as well as the very minor bevel on the edges of one of these.

I also cut to length the main bar that supports the seat belts and rear wing spar.  Drew a center line on it to help line it up with rivet holes on the bottom bulkhead channel assembly.  Here I have it clamped together and ready for drilling using the bulkhead assembly as a guide.

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