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Monday, July 19, 2010

F-705 misc work

F-705 is turning out to be more work than it first appeared, imagine that...   I continued drilling the main bar, mounted and drilled the right seat belt anchors, as well as removed, shortened and shaped the bar doublers to proper fit.  Note, some of the bar doublers have countersunk rivets, so they are now finished as well.

After that I started match drilling the rest of the 704 structure as well as opening up the tooling holes so that bushing can be installed for the rudder cables.

The final task of the day was drilling the support angles that anchor the upper corners of the bulkhead, and provide a place for the canopy to anchor to.   Drilling went well, but was kind of a line it up and clamp it type of routine to get the first few clecos in.   Once I got a few in, it went smoothly.  Even drilling the opening for the canopy latch was not too hard.   I used the F-705 assembly as a guide and drilled an upper and lower hole.  Then using a chainsaw sharpening file I was able to file an opening between the two holes fairly quickly and it turned out really nice.

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