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Thursday, July 15, 2010

F-705 continued

Other builders have said it and I will repeat, you definitely need to look at the plans while building the Fuse.  It becomes most apparent when building the F-705 Bulkhead..  The directions have very little detail and it is now all showing up in the plans.   For example, on the bar and reinforcement doubler, there are some rivets that have universal heads, some rivets that are countersunk, some holes that go through all layers and some holes that go thorugh only some of the layers.  After you study it for a while, it makes sense, but there is definitely the opportunity to miss something.  

To drill the lower bar, I am working one layer at a time.  All holes do go through the bar itself, so no worries about making a mistake here, so just the lower bar was drilled first.  Next I drilled the spacers, by leveraging center line I drew and clamping them in place so they don't twist as I drill.  After that I added and drilled through the reinforcement/doublers, and "centered" them.  The directions call to cut them to size, but I have seen builders end up with them a bit short on the edges.  I am going with a centering technique and then drilling them before I cut them, or shape them.  This will allow me to get all edge distances correct.  I will try to post pictures as I go.  Also Some holes don't go through the reinforcements so I was able to cover them so as not to make a mistake here.

Once the Bar was drilled, I built a jig and drilled each left seat belt anchor.  The right one will be drilled in assembly using the lower bar as a guide.

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