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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

F-704 complete, starting F-705

I went a bit further than most with F-704 at this stage.  The plans tell you to take it apart, but I am just going to leave it connected for the time being.   I got some 4 inch 7/16" hardware bolts from Ace and they fit in the wing bolt holes perfectly for the build.  These will be replaced later once the wings are mounted but are needed now to maintain the structure.

I also drilled and installed, but haven't torqued the spacer bolts that goes into the Top of F-704.  These fit perfectly with the wood blocks that I created.  This structure is one solid piece of metal, and currently is just finger tight.   Great enginneering on this one for sure.  (Except for the stick weldments discussed earlier.)

Looking forward in the manual I started F-705 bulkhead.  It took me about an hour to locate all the parts, (Hope I got them all) but here you see them all on the table in their raw from the box condition.   Its kind of cool to see how they look at this state, then how they look after I put hours of work into them.

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