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Friday, July 9, 2010

F-704 Bulkhead Riveting

I continued work on the center section F-704 A and B bulkheads.  It was interesting riveting the bulkheads, I found that squeezing these did not work at all without bending the rivets, So I drilled out a couple, then shot them all with the standard head rivet set and a snap sock to help protect the heads of  the rivets.  It turned out pretty nice overall.  When riveting the bars in place I found that even the -14 rivets were a bit short, only providing a very small shop head.  This is OK, because really the rivets are only to hold the bar in place until the bolts go in and secure it completely.  Overall it turned out fairly nice, I did notice that the anodizing has spider cracks very consistently and looks bad overall, but isn't structurally a problem.

Here you can see while riveting the flush rivets on the center section that attached the cover support brackets (Outer Brackets in grey), the anodizing splintered quite a bit, looking bad, but not providing any structural problems.  I would recommend possibly back riveting these rivets if possible, might take longer to set up, but you could possibly avoid messing up the pretty anodizing.

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