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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Side Skins and Arm rests

I was able to get the side skins onto the structure.   It wasn't easy, since when you first match them together, the cleco holes were off by about 1/2 inch where the rear of the skin matched to F-706, so there was a lot of movement that needed to happen to get them to line up.  The entire fuse needed to flex around a bit in order to get them lined up.   Once they lined up though and I got a few clecoes in,  the structure became very rigid, it was pretty cool to see..

Also, looking at my longerons, the forward bend was pretty spot-on with regards to the side skin.  I don't think I will need any tweaking as you can see here, they both fall exactly along the line of the skin.

Also, before I work the conical bends in the side skins, I put the arm rests in and predrilled the holes.  Its funny Van's has you do this now because you immediately pull them out and then they sit on the shelf for months..  Also, I didn't drill the hole yet where the armrest connects to F-704.  Not sure when this is supposed to happen, as F-704 isn't predrilled, I didn't want to put a hole in it yet until all the parts are together.   Drilling a non pre-drilled hole might be so slightly off at a later date if there is something else that uses the hole..  So better safe than sorry for now.

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