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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Center Section - Bottom Skin

I have had some challenges on the seat/baggage ribs but have overcome them fairly well and am ready to move on.  The first problem was a rivet that didn't agree with anything I wanted to do to it.  It was in the forward section of the seat ribs where they connected to the F-704 bulkhead.   It was really messed up and I was worried that I would have to drill it out and use a bolt in its place.  I carefully drilled it out and luckily was able to put a replacement in that was a bit more cooporative.   Looked good and I moved on.  Ran directly into another problem with the baggage ribs.   I accidentally riveted two in reverse order..  Don't ask me how I did it, but boy was it frustrating..  Drilled those out and re-ordered them, then with everything back in shape I put the bottom skin on ready to final rivet.   This should go quickly, hopefully through the weekend I will be able to get this done with Bekah.  Mistakes are funny becausee you feel like its the end of the world until you rectify them.  Then depending on how you fixed them, it still bothers you until you do it again, or replace a part etc..   Luckily, in all my mistakes I am 100% confident with the fix before I move on..  No sleepless nights here.   Ya Right..   ;-)

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