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Monday, October 25, 2010

Longeron Trimming and Firewall

I was able to move forward quite a bit over the weekend.  In this session, I trimmed the longerons at the firewall.  Van's has you  make them about 3/16 inch too long and them trim them back in this step.  It took a couple of tries and then some filing, but I think I got them perfect.  Below is a before and after pic.  After the second pic, I had to file it back a bit more to allow the firewall to be set back far enough.

Next on the firewall, per instructions I drew a center line on the bottom aluminum flange to use as a guide to set the distance of the firewall from F-704.  Then slid it in and measured 5/8 inch back from the blue skin all the way around.  Looks pretty good, so I drilled the two outside holes and put in clecos to hold it.  Next the instructions say to "take a brake" so I am going to put it away for tonight.   Next I come back and drill the firewall to the skin, which is a fairly important step..  So will come back, re-measure everything, then go for it..

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