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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brake Pedals ? ?

I know, it is a bit out of order for the typical build, but I had extra time and Rebekah wasn't able to help riveting until later in the day.  So I took a couple hours and got through the majority of the fabrication on the brake pedals.  They aren't too tough, but they do get confusing until you get an understanding of which pedal you are working on and what is the front and what is the back.   I also took advantage of cutting out all the "lightening" options that Van's recommends.  Takes a bit more time and saves about .000001 of an ounce..  But looks good and worked for me.  Now they will sit for a while, but when I need them they will be ready.  I might end up anodizing them down the road for a clean looking tough finish, but we'll see.

Also,  After Bekah got home this afternoon, she helped me get started for about an hour riveting the center section..  We got about 1/2 way through it in one hour as this piece of riveting really goes fast.   I bucked from the bottom and she shot straight down from the top.    Worked my arms and her back quite a bit, but we got through it.  Can't wait to get finished and turn it upside right to see what we have..

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