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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Firewall Drilling and Misc Items

Tonight I was able to ensure the firewall was lined up correctly and drilled all the side skin holes through the Stainless flange on the firewall.   I am sure glad only the firewall is made of stainless because it is very tough to deal with.   All went well though as I drilled from the Top longeron to the bottom..   (Bottom up in the pic, since everything is upside down.  ;-) ).   Also, when complete I made sure it was clamped tight and was able to drill the longeron through the top firewall extension.  You can see this step in the pictures.  It turned out great.  

 Also I am adding some pictures from last weekend that I forgot to post.   I trimmed and drilled 2 of the 4 connecter straps.  But I am fresh out of .063 aluminum, since I used the other straps that were provied for other parts, so now I might have to borrow, or buy new from Vans to finish the job.  Also, I drilled the side ribs to the skins and opened up the pilot hole for the pitot/wire run..  Over the next few days/weeks I will need to match drill the entire fuse, so I thought I would get started.

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  1. I assume you mean .064. I have a bunch of extra .063 sheet if you need it quickly.



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