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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continued Forward Fuse initial prep

Tonight I experienced the good and the bad.  First off I was able to trim and drill the Aux Longerons.  All went well, and I was excited to see additional strength come into the firewall connection.  These required some trimming and a bit of a twist to make sure they fit correctly, no problem and look good.

Then I started working on the skin stiffeners.  The first one went well, with lots of trimming and even modification of the bend where it rides over the F704 flange.  I even put a slight bend in the stiffener so that it matched to the skin quite nicely.  Worked great on the first one as you can see taped to the skin for drilling..   On the second one I learned what angle can do if you try to bend it just barely too much.   All at once it twisted in my hands and then whamo !    You can see what happened... Needless to say I was mentally done for the night..  Now to order new parts from Van's..  The only good news is that this won't slow me down because there is much more to do on the forward fuse..   I can keep busy, just is frustrating..

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