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Friday, October 22, 2010

Conical Bend #1

Last night I had a bit of success with the first conical bend.  These bends are fairly challenging and builders commonly end up with cracks at the focus point of the bend.  Even after you do it on the first skin, many people end up cracking the other skin, so until you are done there is always risk here.   Luckily my first one went successfully.  The first thing I did was deburr where the bend was going to take place.  I completely worked this with emery cloth until it was a very fluid edge..  Then I went for the bend.

I borrowed some predrilled angle from a fellow builder and was able to cleco this to the tab on the side skin.  Using my backrivet plate clamped over the skin to the table and a vice grip, I slowly bent the skin in a single motion.  Then worked the tip with my thumb until it was approx 90 degrees.  Hopefully I can get more pics on the next one.  When I pulled it off the table, it looked pretty good and just took a bit of finesse and Bekah's help to get it in place.  Turned out pretty nice..

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