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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wing Tips

Today was a big day on the project.  I spent the entire day up at the hangar and got a majority of the wingtip install complete.  I still have to drill out and install almost 100 nutplates, plus run the wiring for lighting, Nav Antenna, and even do some more fiberglass work, but for now I at least was able to drill, cleco and lock down the position of the tips.  I am really happy how they turned out, almost 100% in line with both the flaps and the ailerons.  I took some photos to try to show how they lined up.  The plane is now looking great and the wingtips really add to the finished look.  I took a couple extra pics because it looks soo cool..

I also drilled and riveted in the wing tip rib per the plans.  I haven’t riveted this yet since I need to prime the rib and also not sure which rivets I should use.  The plans don’t really call out rivets for this rib, but I assume the intention is the pop rivets that vans suggests you use for the tip.  In this case I might use solid rivets, but need to ask around first.

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