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Monday, January 21, 2013

Continued Wiring and Torquing fuel lines

I have been continuing to wire the wing roots, and started torquing the fuel lines..   Here is a pic of the left wing root..  At this point both wing roots are wired up including Pitot and AOA lines.  I even kicked off the Pitot heat and verified the Pitot tube function.  Working like a charm and with the VP-X I can see how many amps its taking to heat the tube.. The Dynon Tube kicked off at 8 and fluctuated broadly back and forth to about .5 amps.  It has an internal sensor that tells it when to shut off so that it isn't constantly pulling amps.

Also, I took it slow and started torquing the fuel lines.  Making sure  no wires touch the fuel lines and all is torqued per spec.

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