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Friday, January 25, 2013

Flaps and Ailerons

As I start working my way out to the wingtips, I decided to get the flaps in place and rigged correctly with the ailerons.  This will help make sure that when the wing tip gets installed I can verify a straight line down the trialing edge of all surfaces.  The only remaining items I had on the ailerons was to ensure they were both straight down the chord of the wing and install aileron stops.  Vans gives you some instructions on using tooling holes to line them up with the wing chord so I made sure they were both perfect.    For the Stops, I went off plans as many others have done.   I used a 5/8 inch nylon bushing around the bolt in the hinge, which hits the aileron support angle and works effectively as a stop.  After drilling out the bushing to fit, I installed and finished torquing the ailerons. 

 Then on went the flaps, making sure they were in alignment with the ailerons at the same time butting up smooth to the fuse.   Everything is now in line and I secured the flap hinge pins in a unique way which I talk about (here) in a prior post.  Also, I torqued the rear spar bolts and installed cotter pins.  Now its time to focus on the wingtips this weekend.

Here is a pic of the nylon bushing that I  used as my aileron stop.  When deflected it hits the aileron support and stops the travel at the correct location.

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