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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two wings on !

Mid last week, my brother in-law and his wife met Bekah and I for dinner up by Paine field.  Of course I had to get some work on in the plane, so we quickly ran to the hangar and they helped us pin the wing into place.  Took about 15 minutes, and we were out of there..  That set me up for this weekend to get the NAS bolts in place and torqued down so that I officially have two wings on the plane.  It looks great and finally people really understand what it is I am building.  ;-)   The weather here has been really cold so I haven’t got as much done on it as I would like, but I did finish all the tubing and installed the Pitot tube in the left wing.  Also, did a bit of wiring, but left the rest for a warmer day.  The list of things to do is winding down, but I still have a few hard core months of work ahead of me.  Putting the pressure on myself so I don’t miss any good flying days as spring arrives..   ;-)

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