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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seat Heat wiring and few odds and ends

After getting the ELT up, running and tested successfully, I started working on a few odds and ends like running the cabin heat cable and I even started programming the Dynon and VP-X.   The most challenging piece was figuring out the seat heat wiring. It was challenging because the seat heaters are designed for automotive use.  They are ceramic heaters so are the best ones made, but the wiring is automotive just the same.  Automotive quality is not something you want in an airplane, but the switches that came connected to all that automotive wire were designed specifically for the heaters so I wanted to use them.  This required running an extra yellow 18 gauge wire down to the seats themselves and also cutting out and replacing all the linking wires with aviation grade wiring.  The seats come with resisters that allow for the low vs. high setting and I was able to mount them on the back side of the battery bus using the same bolts.  This means I can’t use nutplates here but it worked out so well that I went with it.  I can still remove these down the line, just will be a bit more challenging, but I am OK with that since it is such a great location for these guys.   The seat heat is pretty much wired up except where it connects to the seats.  That will happen later.  Also attaching a cool photo of the current status of the panel.  I am really liking the way this is turning out.

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