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Monday, August 20, 2012

Misc Firewall Forward

With the baffles in place more or less permanently I slipped the oil dipstick in place and started connecting the CHT and EGT sensors.  I guess Dynon indicates you can cut them as necessary, but they aren’t very friendly wires to work with once cut, so learning pretty quickly I ended up only cutting a couple of them that would have been way to long.  The Dynon fasteners that are provided are fairly large, but they are secure and they keep a good electrical insulation between the two wires.  I am learning that just heat shrink around wires, doesn’t always guarantee a good layer of insulation.

I also quickly secured my engine alternate air cable.  This is only to be used in emergencies, if for example the air filter ices up or something.  This allows for air inside the cowling to be routed directly to the engine.  Probably will never be used, but will be checked each annual for proper operation.  Right now it is quite smooth, and I did exactly what the plans called for with the cable and got the length right on the money.

I also got some RG-400 and ran a couple more lengths to just behind the baggage compartment.  I decided to go with both my transponder antenna and my ADS-B antenna under the plane on the outside about 2 feet apart right along the edges.  I think it will both look and function good.  Pics shortly.

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