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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transponder and ADS-B Antennas

Dynon is coming out with an ADS-B solution in a couple months.  ADS-B allows for both Traffic and weather to be visible on the Skyview.  The benefit is that it is free with no monthly subscription, the drawback is that it isn’t fully built out nationwide yet.  But it’s getting there and is the next generation solution, so I am going with it.  The ADS-B antenna is very similar to the Transponder antenna and Dynon indicates it  needs to be at least 2 feet away from each other.  I was able to get two feet separation with the antennas just behind the baggage compartment.  They are fairly close to the outside edge, but still can’t really be seen from standing next to the plane, although I think the symmetry makes them look really cool, almost like fins or something.   Anyway, I created some doublers and drilled them out.   Happy with the way they turned out, of course there is lots of wire cleanup to do, but all in all good progress.   Also Bekah has signed up to help me rivet these in the next week or so.  She is going to have to shoot them from underneath while I buck from up top.

I also clean up the wiring a bit and test fit the fuel pump.  My planning works out, it fits perfectly, so I ran the fuel pump wire up the conduit to the VP-X.   My right side conduit is stuffed, since I didn’t use split conduit I can’t get anymore wires inside.   The good news is I have no more wires to run through this area except for the Nav antenna cable, which can go up the left side if necessary.   That won’t get run until I am at the airport, so I am hoping to clean this up a bit more and put in all the covers until I make the big move. 

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