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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fuel Senders and Lower Baffle Ties

I went ahead and set up my fuel senders, leaving a bit of extra room to ensure they can connect to the tanks appropriately.   These guys will eventually be tied to the fuel line vents as they exit the cabin in front of the main spar.  I ended up cutting a ¼ inch hole with a bushing through right next to where the tank vent penetrates.  The senders require power for which I used an open terminal on the VP-X and the grounds were ganged at the ground block.    I did the connections with D-Sub pins in line and a loop with some heat shrink to ensure they don’t separate. 

Also, I found some extra brake line and using safety wire around washers so that it wouldn’t cut into the aluminum, I tied together the lower baffle flanges.  Van’s indicates to use some rod then tap it to be secured with a nut, but this method is used by most all builders and works really well, if not better.  The problem is you have oil return lines under the cylendars that can interfere with the solid rod, having a flexible solution is perfect in this case.  I plan to take an additional small loop of safety wire through both washers, just in case the main wire breaks, I don’t want the washers loose in the engine compartment. 

Also, I continue to fine tune and torque fittings firewall forward.   Things are really coming together now.

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