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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Final Paint on the Baffles

Some builders leave the baffles withouth paint, others go all the way and have them powdercoated.  I decided I wanted to do down the middle wtih a more finished look to my plane but not the weight and complexity of powdercoat.   The SW Genesis paint I have been using is so rock hard I decided to use it on the baffles and am I excited about how it turned out.   The black looks really good against the yellow at least from my perspective. 

After the paint dried, I was able to start putting some things together for the last time, which is always exciting.  My baffles will hopefully never be removed again.  The air filter won't stay in though just put it there to see how it looked.  I also did some re-routing of the plug wires and sensor wires to separate them and secure them in a final state.  Oil cooler has been remounted as well.  The bummer is that I destroyed my paint gun..  For some reason the black paint was so thick it dried in the middle of the gun and I couldn't get it out.  Gun is beyond repair and I only have a few more items to paint so not looking forward to paying for a new gun.  Oh well, off to harbor freight to buy another HVLP gun..  

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