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Monday, July 30, 2012

Continued Panel and Electrical Work

I was all over the airplane this weekend, but my main focus was the ELT, Throttle Control, and Skyview network.  Basically I ran the Skyview network and all the ELT wiring through the fuse.  I didn’t realize how many wires needed to be run to support these two components.  I got them ran though through the passenger side of the fuse.  Also, I installed the panel control for the ELT and the internal speaker that is used for testing and alerts the occupants when the ELT is active.  All in all I got lots done and even though not a lot of pictures to show for it, I set myself up for some good work sessions in the next few days.

I am using the ACK 406 ELT and it is a pain to install because of the amount of wiring needed to set this thing up.  First off, the unit requires 3 batteries as well as power supply from the aircraft.  It is TSO’d, (meaning approved by the Gov) but seems to be crazy inefficient.  There is a full telephone line (wire) that is used to communicate from the panel to the unit, as well as a GPS signal line (which makes sense) from the GPS, then also power and ground lines which all run from behind the panel to the ELT.   Battery in the speaker, battery in the panel switch, and battery in the ELT.   There is also a test line that is supposed to run to the forward cabin, but I am going to short it right back by the ELT.  And then I need to run the antenna cable before it is all over.   Pretty disappointing, but I guess it is an important safety feature as this one has GPS as well as the 121.5 emergency channel broadcasting..  If I ever need it I will be glad I went through all this trouble.  ;-)

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