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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ELT Antenna and Panel Paint Prep

Today I basically finished up the mid-section of the airplane apart from the top skin.   Originally I was going to take the ELT antenna out back underneath the empennage fairing..  In the end after looking at it a bit I decided to take the shorter route.  I like the decision because the TSO’d antenna states it needs to be near vertical which is easy to achieve in the location I chose, plus this keeps the weight forward which is also one of my goals.  I did have to fabricate some tapered washers (shims) to help stand it up a bit, and then with some standoffs from the roll bar it came together well.   You will be able to see this by looking into the rear window standing next to the plane, but that’s OK, lots of builders and even Vans recommends this location.   Definitely inside is better than hanging outside slowing the plane down.  ;-)  Also, a bend in the cable gives for some additional length if in the event of an emergency landing there is bending that happens to the fuse.  This ELT antenna will have plenty of length to survive intact. 

I also removed the panel components and pulled the panel.  Time to prep this baby for paint and get it back in the plane for the final time.

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