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Monday, June 18, 2012

Various electrical and firewall forward

I started off by making sure I avoid one of the worse things that could happen in the garage..  J   Not only did I disconnect the starter lead, but I taped it up so that there is no way that contact could be made during any testing of the electrical system.  To have the starter fire off in the garage would be a regrettable event for sure.  After that I temporarily connected the battery and fired the master switch, clunk went the solenoid, then on came the lights on the VP-X.   I hooked it up to my computer and did a quick download of my config file.  I was surprised that it didn’t need a firmware update, but at this point all seems current.  The VP-X is now ready to start running my electrical as I connect.

After that I did some organizing of the wiring, trying to figure out the best way to keep this clean and secure, I think I got it pretty good so far, but lots more wire to come.  All my components are still just clamped in place, except for the SkyView Backup battery and the main battery bus..  I have committed to these locations, but I still may shift or flip the battery bus down the road.  It is key to be able to secure the power coming straight from the battery at a location close to where it connects to the bus.  I am really nervous when it comes to committing to locations for these components, but sooner or later I will just have to.

I also finished up the Magneto blast tube and using some AWG 20 shielded wiring, separated the shield and ground then attached to the appropriate locations on the Mag.  I ran this to the left side of the panel where the majority of switches is going to be.  I have ran other various wire to that location as well, so am starting to get some pretty good wire bundles going at this point.

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