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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Misc FWF and Avionics

Over the last few days I have been trying to figure out what to do next.   I am pretty much beyond the instructions/plans now so am basically on my own with some help from other internet sites.  There are many ways to do things, but for me I decided to try test fit all my compnents behind the panel before I drill anything or run any permanent wiring.  The attached pic is what this looks like..   Crazy busy, but its good to be able to try to figure wire runs and make sure I have everything in a reasonable place before I start drilling and fitting.

I did take the plunge and drill an additional hole in the firewall for the alternate engine air cable.  The spot I picked is out of the way on the engine side, but yet gives me lots of options on the cockpit side for the cable run.   I think I will be happy with this location.  Oh, and anywhere you see zip ties, is most likely temporary.  These will be replaced with appropriate fasteners down the road.

I also am hoping to get some final steps completed on the Baffles, hoping to get to paint at least the rear baffles this weekend.  For now I am drilling some blast tube holes and locating runs for the electric ignition and plug wires etc.  Also starting to work on the rubber air seal material, which is a completely different experience.

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