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Monday, June 25, 2012

Electrical.. Skyview Network Starter Annunciator

I have family in town, so progress has slowed a bit.  Before they got here and while they have been here I have snuck out a few times and worked on a few things.   First off I started the skyview network.  This is 9 wires attached through D Sub connectors that connect in series to all the Skyview components.  Dynon supplies splitters and adapters, but if you are careful, you can create your own connections by doubling up the wires in a D Sub Pin.   Here I have the ARINC (GPS) connected to the EMS (Engine monitor), then pushed on through to the panel where it will connect to the 10 inch Skyview Display.

I also completed my first “resistor” solder project..   This attaches right at the starter contactor and the resistor protects the wire somewhat like a fuse or a fusible link.   You will see later on that I will create a few fusible links to protect other wires.   Basically this senses the 12 volts from the starter contactor to alert the V-PX when the starter is engaged and I will be able to see an indication on the skyview.

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