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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oil Breather Tube

I had houseguests this weekend, so didn’t get as far as I had hoped, but I did find a unique solution for the oil breather tube.  Problem with the 90 degree spin on oil filter is that you can’t use the Van’s recommended breather tube solution because the oil filter is in the way.   I was able to reach a solution by purchasing some 5/8 inch rubber fuel tube.  Since the exit on the engine is ¾ and the flared end of the provided aluminum tube is ¾ I used the vans rubber tube for the first connection.  Then cut the aluminum tube a couple inches below where the flare ended so that I could transition the ¾ tube down to the 5/8 inch tube.  So a few extra hose clamps, but a tight and effective solution that doesn’t touch the oil filter or the engine mount, and is solid using the same lower half of the Van’s solution.

Here are some pics.  Note than on the last pic, the exhaust hanger tube is going to be replaced.  Just not comfortable with that set up.  But in the pic you should be looking at the oil breather tube anyway, so no harm done. :-)

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