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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Front Ramps and Sniffle Valve

I wanted to show a couple pics of the front ramp on the passenger side of the plane.   Per plans I created a conical bend that gets mounted to help shape the baffles like the inlet area on the cowl.  On the pilot side I will most likely put nothing because I have such a snug fit of the air filter and side baffle as it stands.   The rubber material will create a slight bend and will fit in just fine.

I also placed the sniffle valve which is a one way valve designed to let extra fuel and water escape that might have been inducted.  This allows it to “leak” when on the ground, through a tube and out by the exhaust.  When the engine is running this valve is sealed up and everything even water goes through the engine with no problems.  I did put a bend in the tube as I will eventually put in an oil quick drain that will come right down the middle of the sniffle valve.   I am holding it in place in this pic.  Also, due to my exhaust set up I drilled a hole to support the sniffle tube in the exhaust hanger, vs the firewall flange.   My tube has to go below the hanger since it can’t fit between the exhaust and the flange.  You can kind of see it in this picture, right now it is just zip tied but I will replace with adel clamp when I get more in. 

Also, visible in this pic, I put a heat shield on the exhaust that will help deflect heat from the throttle cable.

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