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Monday, April 30, 2012

Avionics and Inlet Farings

This weekend was a crazy weekend on the plane.   I don’t even know where to start.  Friday I received my oil cooler from Niagra (20006A Model) and a huge bunch of avionics from Dynon.  Basically I got everything from Dynon in one package, so over the next few weeks will start digging all of that.  The oil cooler is going to be a problem, its huge but was recommended by Aerosport power..   It has 13 oil bays in it and is the same one used for the 6 cylinder 250 horsepower engine.   So I am pretty sure I can get by with a smaller one, I am thinking that 11 bays would do the trick and fit much better in my application.  I’ll follow up with Aerosport and the oil cooler company tomorrow.    

This discouraging oil cooler news didn't slow me down though, I really got through a lot this weekend.   The Inlet farings are basically done, I epoxied them in place and used some 2 part expanding foam under them to shape them the best possible shape for the baffles.  This piece of work is more art than construction, but I got through it.  Now all I have left to do is some final sanding and a couple layups of fiberglass over the foam and I am finished with them.  Also, I have some additional trimming on the front baffles, but that will happen over time.

After working with the foam on the cowling, I was ready to work on something that wasn’t pink..   So I started looking at the avionics and was able to install the GTN 650 Antenna.  I made a .060 back plate that has nutplates on it, and is separately rivted to the skin.  This makes for easy install from the outside.  I chose this location because it is per spec from Garmin, and is far enough away from the ADAHRS so no interference with the Dynon..

I also Installed the Pitch Autopilot servo and  the ADAHRs with Brass Screws.   You can’t use any steel near the ADAHRs because it will interfere with the sensitivity of the compass.  I still have work to do on these, but the big brush strokes are done.   I need to install the terminal on the antenna cable, and connect the autopilot servo and the ADAHRsto the Dynon network, but I am pretty happy with getting all this done.

I am just realizing now that I don't have pictures of the autopilot servo install, but  you will see that in future pics I am sure..

Its funny how some parts of the build like the baffles take forever, but then you start working on other aspects and you can move along seamingly fast. 

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