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Monday, April 9, 2012

Front Baffle Ramps (left side induction filter)

I worked about 8 hours just to get to this one picture.   These baffles are going to do me in I think.   It is such slow going.  Nothing can be measured, it just has to be trimmed until it fits.   Here I spent time getting the baffle ramp to line up with the cowling, I still need to lower it about ¼ inch.  Then cutting the square for the filter to exactly fit when it is tight in the fiberglass induction tube.  Also, to be able to get the cowling on and off was impossible until I cut back the ramp to the point to slip past it.  Just amazing the details involved in this little piece of work.   I probably have about 75% of this piece behind me now which is good.  The rest of the baffles should be a bit easier..

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