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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baffles and Inlet Farings

I have been working on the baffles like crazy..   Hard to cover all the exact steps, but the end goal is to get them cut down so that when the top cowling is on, they are about 3/8 -1/2 inch below the cowling all the way around.  This process is easier said than done, but does include a lot of snipping the top edges of the baffles as you edge closer to a good fit.  Once close enough the common practice is to put paperclips around the baffles standing tall about ¾ inch or so, then putting the top canopy on.  Measuring from the top of the compressed paperclips gives you a good idea of where to make the final cut for the Baffles.

After this is complete you need to insert the front inlet farings into the to top cowl and start cutting down the front of the baffles to clear the farings.   I centered the farings so that both the center baffle and outer baffles need to be cut down.   I will need to add a bit of foam filler to make a good fit at the inside of the fairings in the center, but will show pics of that later.

Here are some pics of the baffles all cut down including the front inlet faring area.   I will be epoxying the farings on shortly and filling them so I can get a final baffle fit before moving onto other parts of the project.

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