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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hung the Engine !

Big milestone reached today, but at this point big milestones are still just steps in the process.  As I look forward, there is still so much left to do.  Good thing I like building airplanes or else I would be in real trouble right now…   But yes, I was super excited to get the engine up on the plane.  I  think a key part of this task was the fact that I had a great hoist.  It allowed for very sensitive movements of the engine, which was way more critical than I thought.   As you raise it and move it back into place you really have to move it around to get it to fit back into the mount.  Also, as the $$$ engine is hanging by the hoist, it is a little nerve racking.  Here are a few pics of the set up.  I had the rear of the plane up on a saw horse and the hoist raised it right up to the mount.

I started by following the Vans instructions of inserting the lower bolts first.  I would recommend not to do this, after I had two in and couldn’t get the third I pulled them and started at the top.  The reason these bolts are hard to insert is because the rubber mounts only fit perfectly when compressed.  They are all off until you suck the engine back into the mount but you can’t suck it back until the bolt is in place.  So you go one at a time and through tightening and loosening you can eventually get them all in.  Starting from the top, you can then use the weight of the engine to compress the lower mounts and get someone better fit.  Anyway, the 4th bolt was a pain, but it went in with a little finesse..  Below on the right is the last bolt slipping in..  Notice the upper and lower rubber mounts are reversed to account for the different forces that the engines weight puts on the mount..   (pull on top, push on bottom)

Now she is hung and I still have to torque and install cotter pins, but all in all I am ready to really dig into the firewall forward stuff now.

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