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Friday, September 30, 2011

Emp Mounting Continued

Last night I was able to drill the 4 attach holes for the rear spar of the horizontal stabilizer.  This went much easier than the front spar.  I basically used the pre-drilled holes to back-drill through the spar at #30, then came in again from the rear of the plane to open them up to #12..  Was easy in this case.  Mounting these 4 bolts sure adds strength to the entire Stabilizer.

Next I trimmed the 5/8 inch off the vertical stabilizer and temporarily clamped it in place.  It was a tight fit at the base of the rear spar of the vertical stab..  I had to open up the fuse skin with my hand seamers to get it to fit properly. It sure ended up being a perfect fit between the longerons though.

This sure makes my garage look small, but at the same time really looks good on the plane..

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