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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrapping up on the Canopy !

I admit I haven't been as diligent at logging progress on the canopy as I have on other parts..  I am sorry for that, but at least I have lots of pics that hopefully will help any prospective builders.   All I can say is there is a lot of on and off and fitting and trimming and filing involved and then in the end I am leaving everything a bit long until the front top skin is finally riveted on.  Then I will final trim the rear and side skirts on the canopy.  But as you can see things are fitting quite well right now..

Also, make sure the front top skin is at least clecoed on for every measurement and cut on the canopy.  I realized that with the skin off the canopy frame sits back about 1/8th inch aft.

 Also, all I have left at this point is riveting the center stiffener on and doing the fiberglass fillet in the front of the canopy.  I might hold off on this until later as well.  The center stiffener is waiting for a defrost fan that I should get in the mail in the next couple days.  Its an option that I might go with but will have to check it out when it arrives..  The fan will go under the glare shield and inside the stiffener..

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