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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Defrost and glareshield paint

Over the last couple days I have been debating on a defroster or not in the glareshield.  I decided to throw one in since it isn't much extra work and its better to be safe than sorry when I decide to go IFR..  I am going to connect this little computer fan to the master switch so it will always be running.   No switches on the panel, and when its hot, it will help circulate air out of the instrument cluster behind the panel when its cold it will take warm air from under the panel and blow it up onto the canopy....  Its a win win..   Plus I get to play around with some cool fan covers..

After working on the fan, I drilled the aft canopy lugs with a 3/32nd drill.  I will open up the hole to AN3, but only after the front skin is riveted on and the canopy is in its final position.  These lugs need to be just perfect so that the canopy is snug when closed.

I also painted the glareshield and the roll bar.  I hadn't completed the roll bar yet and was sick of looking at it primed..  Now things will look really nice in my cabin.


  1. Really jealous... wish I'd done that.

  2. What did you use for the glareshield paint? Looks nice. Does it have some texture to it?

  3. Glareshield paint is the same paint I have been using on the other parts of the interior. Its the Serwin Williams Genesis G5 (or G8) I believe. Two part commercial automotive with same characteristics as Jet Flex. No Texture, just satin finish which comes out fairly thick.. I like the way it turned out. - thx


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