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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Electrical Training

This weekend I flew down with a friend in his Long Eze Canard to Prineville Oregon.  I went down there for the SportAir training workshops and participated in the Electrical Systems course.  I am really close to a turning point on this project.  The first couple years are all structural, the next couple years are mostly electrical and firewall forward so this class was fairly perfect timing.  These are put on by the EAA and costs some $$ but are well worth it.  I learned quite a bit as you can see from the syllabus.  Also got some practical work on several projects..  One of which you can see in the pic below.  Not much, but each project covered many different concepts.

Oh, and I didn't put the burn mark in the Certificate, the instructor did it..   Makes me worry ?  Not at all. :-)

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