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Monday, October 3, 2011

Continued EMP, Vertical Stab and Rudder Bottom Fairing

This weekend I made tons of progress..  I was able to fully mount the vertical stabilizer as well as the rudder along with running control cables running all the way up to the pedals..   The only part that didn't so so well is  the elevator stops, they will have to be re-worked.  The stops are fairly critical to set up the amount of swing that the rudder can travel so it doesn't hit the elevator, but also almost as importantly so that the cables don't ground out on the forward bulkhead that they go through just before the pedals up in the front.  Anyway, I will need to rework them to make sure the rudder stops 1 and 1/8th inch from the elevators..

Below are some pics of the mounting of the vertical stab.  Note that it is Offset at the tip 1/4 inch from center line, to account for torque and p-factor etc from the prop.  This is intended to allow straight flight with no control inputs during cruise..  Also, you can see that I drilled the 3 main holes that go through the stab and the tails spring holder.  These were critical holes drilled blindly, but I was able to get good edge distance on all of them.

I also went on to working the rudder bottom fairing..  This was a bit tricky because you need to remove some of the top forward part of it to ensure the bottom is high enough to clear the tail spring..  I leveraged some other sites (Mike's RV-7 rudder fairing) for information on this, but think I got it fairly well nailed.  It looks good too.. In my case I wanted it removable so I could maintain the light that will be on the very aft point.   I just need to drill a couple additional holes for wiring and I will be good to go.

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