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Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Wing Work - Pitot/Bell Crank/Gap Fairings/Aileron Hinges etc...

I am getting a bit out of order on the wings, but its not really a problem.  Just keeps things exciting.  This weekend I made tons of progress on lots of things except the ailerons.   Hopefully I can get to them this week, but now the wings are structurally complete except for the bottom skins.   All top skins complete, aileron hinges installed, gap fairings and flap braces all installed.

Since I had all the materials ready I started installing the Bell Crank and Heated Pitot.  The Pitot had to be drilled to the mast which took quite a bit longer than I thought it would.   I had to drill in assembly, then tap the pitot, then open up the holes in the mast.   I ended up countersinking the #6 screws and it turned out pretty good.  Also, the Dynon heater controller is not installed, but clecoed to the outside of the rib on the tip end of the bell crank area.  I plan on installing nutplates to the outside of the control unit, so I don't have to worry about any nutplates on the ribs.  Then I will just bolt the controller from the access area near the bell crank.  Should work well, you will see.  Also, you can see I installed the conduit, which is "LOUD" and also takes a while..  But got it done.

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