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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flaps - Yes, I still am using alodine..

I am still using alodine and here is the proof..  At least I use it for all parts that fit into my alodine bath that is already set up and just gets pulled out when the time is right.  Most builders I think stop using this stuff after the empenage because it is an extra step and not a very healthy on at that since the stuff can be pretty bad for you.  I should probably stop, but I have it and it does provide much better corrosion protection, so I am sticking to it for now.

The process starts with dipping the part in the alumiprep bath, then rinsing, then dipping in alodine for a few minutes and rinsing again.

Here you see my set up, and the final product.  I full set of innards for both the right and left flaps ready to prime.  For the skins, hinge, and spar I will only use the alumiprep because they won't fit in my bath...  After the alodine you see the desired gold color that will resist corrosion for years.

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