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Monday, March 29, 2010

Left Flap Final Assembly

The instructions indicate that the flaps are the simplest control surface to build for the RV.  That simply isn't true, other builders have indicated such and I agree.  There is much more fabrication and the rivet/final assembly stage is much more unique and "tricky" than with the ailerons.

Here I am begining final assembly and you can see I have already riveted the root rib and stiffeners together.  As well, the stiffener is riveted onto the spar, but they are not riveted together since the spar must be removed in a later step.  Also, I have installed the nutplate for the actuator bolt and clecoed everything together except for the top skin.

Riveting the final skin on there are several rivets that you can't reach.  The only way to get in is by removing the main spar, so a jig needs to be made which I will do tonight.  Even then you are blocked by the rear spar, so on the inboard rib, the final two rivets on the top skin and bottom must be pop rivets.  Also, many builders have trouble getting to the rivet under the nutplate, so we will see how I do.  Maybe the tungsten bucking bar will save me here.

As I said riveting order is key, I have also already riveted the back of the inner ribs to the rear spar.  Once you start getting the skin in place, this also in unreachable.

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