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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flap Riveting

I am finding that although tricky in order, the final riveting of the flap is pretty easy.  I guess I might take back some of the words I said yesterday about it being as hard as the ailerons.  All up they may be easier, but I am not done yet and I hope it doesn't end up warped, which the directions say can easily happen.

Here the flap is in the stand I built which holds the shape as you take the spar out to reach the inside for bucking.  I also realized that I am able to shoot and buck these myself, so I am not needing to pull in Bekah's assistance on this one.

Here you see inside the bucked rivets that I was able to get to with the tungsten bucking bar.  Tape evenly wrapped around it makes for a nice stable bucking set up.  Also, a small piece of cardboard in the bottom of the flap (not shown) covering the rear spar adds safety.
I am leaving the end ribs till last to make sure I am able to test the straightness before setting those.  In this picture you can see the nutplate and the challenge I will have at bucking that rivet underneath it.

Another problem that I am having is that the alumiprep I use to etch the aluminum before priming must not have gotten washed off all the way.  As you can see in this picture, it left a etching behind on the surface skin of the underside of the flap.   I think the only way I can fix this now is to finish prep in this area and then prime over it.  Luckily it is on the bottom so not as obvious, but I will need to do this to both flaps now so that the final look is even until the paint job is complete..  ugh

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