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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


What a mess.  The flaps require a lot of drilling and fabrication of angle to make the required support, also many of the holes are not full size so you need to drill them out creating a lot of metal everywhere.   I made tons of progress tonight though and apart from the match drilling of the skins I am almost ready to prime both flaps.  I saved the skins because I want to clean up this mess a bit before I get them out and start working with them.  The flaps are quite visible and I want them to be fairly pristine.

Here you see both skeletons all drilled and fabricated.  The inboard rib takes the most work, you need to bend the doubler you see in the picture to approx 6 degrees and then fabricate the joining stiffener out of angle and drill all holes through the spar and through each stiffener.  I am happy to say I am keeping both flaps at the same stage through this process.  Tomorrow I will make final match drill for the nutplate that connects to the flap actuator and final drill the top skin.  Then onto deburring, countersinking and dimpling for the final steps and priming.

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